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    Why hotel room put four pillow

    by:OLOYA     2020-06-08
    Small make up take you to understand today, hotel room: why do you want to put four hotels pillow? Pillow, is a tool which is used to sleep. It is generally believed that the pillow is comfortable to sleep with padding. Know from modern medicine research, the human spine, look from the front is a straight line, but the side is a physiological bending curve of the three. To protect the neck of the normal physiological bending, maintain people sleep normal physiological activities, should be used in sleep pillow. Pillow is generally composed of pillow core, pillow covers two parts. This is as far as possible in order to make the pillow in accordance with the guests usually sleep habits, ensure the quality of their sleep, avoiding the phenomenon such as neck stiffness, affect the guests to travel or work for the next day. Arguably, it is a reflection of hotel service. Therefore, in the hotel, if the bed is putting 4 pillow, can see the label of the pillow for marking indicate the hard and soft, if there is any different, can choose their favourite with peers, single room is also the same. The pillow height is usually prepared by the hotel is suitable for ordinary people, therefore, the extra pillow can let a guest to two pillow mat in the head, with adjustment for height. In addition, for ordinary, extra pillow and a good use of the knee on the mat, to reduce the load in the spine. If the hotel guest room did not provide pillows, extra pillow is the ability to act as the existence of the 'magic', whether it's reading a book, watch TV or office, can cushion behind, let the body more relaxed and comfortable. Is why the hotel of small make up to you for more than four hotels pillow. Welcome the masses of users to inquire!
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