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    Why are five-star hotels quilt duvet

    by:OLOYA     2020-06-09
    In our life we one third of the time is spent in sleep, we should more relaxed is lying on the bed to sleep. Who loves the tourism is also more and more now, sleeping of time will find the hotel bed will be easier than the quilt of home is more comfortable to sleep. That's because most five-star hotels quilt duvet. Duvet in thermal conductivity, heat preservation, volume, weight and so it is, wool is better than cotton. There are three kinds of thermal conductivity, heat conduction, heat conduction, convection, conduction and radiation, conduction, so that the lower the thermal conductivity, the heat around the less easy to loss, warmth retention property is, the better. Heat preservation, feather of heat preservation is very high at about 81%, which is the cold why of the duvet. Volume, also 1 cubic centimeters of fiber material, if it after the expansion of the greater the volume, so it is the volume, and the higher the fluffy sex to lock in more air, so as to achieve better warmth retention property. Duvet unfolds the volume is three times of wool, cotton five times. More important is the weight of the duvet is very light, let people no heaviness in the sleep, duvet and dustproof, allergy effect. Through simple introduction to understand the above hotel choose the benefits of eiderdown quilt quilt, everybody should know something about the related knowledge of a few. Guangzhou changfeng long dragon hotel supplies co. , LTD. Integrated with design, development and sales of the company, the company has a professional technical team, advanced equipment to create high-end hotel supplies. Products strict material selection, selection of environmental materials to make the customers feel free to choose, welcome the people from all walks of life to come to consult the choose and buy!
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