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    What hotel sheets washing skills?

    by:OLOYA     2020-04-26
    Hotel sheets washing is a great event for the hotel, the hotel bed sheets washing affect the degree of clean sheets, thereby affect the guest's practical experience, this relationship with the hotel's survival and development, so the hotel sheets washing and what skills? Now let small make up to you about it. Hotel laundry, linen washing capacity: big is the bed sheets and quilt cover, they are able to account for around half of the hotel laundry washing capacity:. And bed sheets and quilt cover because often use, of course, opportunity to account for all kinds of stains is much more: first, using color bleaching solution, and then use washing powder or laundry detergent washing. Should pay attention to when catharsis, in order to prevent color linen, mutual penetration, we must bear (keep) in mind that the water temperature is too high, otherwise it will cause irreparable loss. Compared with the colored fabric stains and mildew, white colored cotton fabric are dirt and mould is more apparent. Because the color is too simple, and will not have a spot, so you need to spend more energy and clean. Need to use bleach water treatment, and then use detergent or detergent washing, use bleach water, white linen will become even more. Hotel sheets washing is very troublesome thing, but with some small washing technique can easily help you washing. More small knowledge can log in guangzhou changfeng hotel supplies co. , LTD. , the query.
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