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    The hotel 4 times what color to use is better?

    by:OLOYA     2020-05-17
    The hotel is travel or business trip to relax. Its purpose is to let the customer get proper rest. Every time we walk into a room, can see the hotel 4 times clean and tidy. So, hotel bed covered 4 times better use what color? Changfeng lung summarized the following reasons. A: white intuitive feeling clean and tidy. Online to choose the room must be clean first, and then the repast condition. The color of the white is not wrong, and no style of room and white bed. 2: easy to clean. Now people in question. White is the color of the affected, and small dirty will become apparent. Why do you say it is easy to clean? The dirt on the sheet is not easy to clean, usually select bleach to clean. If it is a list of other colors, the use of bleach white, the list cannot be used directly. Bleach is still white, white stains washed off. 3: hotel hygiene. Things such as pillow case is replace by the waiter every day. The hotel has 110 rooms, the demand for bedding is very high. Decoration list is not available in the big shops, usually only white is common and easy to buy. In addition, the prices higher than the price of pure white, and from an economic point of view unified choose white more cost effective. Above all, use white hotel is 4 times in order to better serve the customers and providing them with comfortable environment to rest.
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