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    Take you know hotel bedding bag cleaning method

    by:OLOYA     2020-05-28
    Now more and more people like to travel, the rapid development of the corresponding led to a lot of the hotel. At the time of hotel, believes that many people would pay attention to the hotel bedding. Today small make up take you to get to know the hotel bedding bag cleaning method have? For hotel bedding bag cleaning method is determined according to the different material of bedding bag to: quilt set of cleaning, all of them, and for all cotton fabric, it is characterized by strong alkali resistance and high temperature resistance, so the hotel clean cotton bedding bag, can choose or a lot of soap or detergent. First put the hotel bedding bag good soap and water or detergent soaked in water for about 15 minutes, then wash and after wash to dry dehydration, dry again. Fiber cleaning hotel bedding bag, cotton and linen fiber belongs to a relatively hard material, so when washing bedding bag weight lighter than cotton, but at the time of cleaning, avoid by all means use hard brush to wash or forcibly knead, otherwise it will cause facing. Avoid to wrest after clean, in addition to pay attention to color of fabric is unfavorable use hot water bubble, or it will rub off. Silk hotel bedding bag cleaning, soak in water for 10 minutes before cleaning. Then choose neuter soap or soap flakes, or neutral detergent washing, do not use caustic washing. Also note that the temperature of the liquid detergent is unfavorable and exorbitant, after washing, gently squeezing water, avoid by all means twist dry. Tc hotel bedding bag cleaning, washing the polyester/cotton quilt cover with cold water soak for about 15 minutes, and then put into the washing machine, using the general synthetic detergent, but temperature should not be more than 45 ℃, hotel bedding bag is dirty part of this material can use brush gently scrub. Today with everyone know hotel bedding bag got here cleaning method, have to learn more babies, can focus on guangzhou changfeng inquiry long hotel supplies co. , LTD website!
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