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    Sheet cleaning and maintenance methods

    by:OLOYA     2020-05-23
    Guangzhou changfeng long hotel supplies co. , LTD is a production and sales in the integration of professional hotel supplies manufacturers, today the company to introduce you to the hotel bed sheets of maintenance and cleaning. Before first use, can rinse water first time, will be on the surface of the pulp quality and printing and dyeing floating color wash, to use will be more soft, when cleaning in the future are not easy to fade. In addition to the special material and indicate that cannot be washed, in general, the washing procedure is: first the neutral detergent into the washing machine of the water, the water temperature is not more than 30 ℃, after waiting for detergent completely dissolved in the bedding, soaking time not too long. Because of alkaline detergents or water temperature too high or detergent average not dissolve or soak for too long can cause unnecessary fade. At the same time, when cleaning products to light color and brunet products separate washing, dyeing to avoid each other. In outdoor ventilated place dry it after cleaning, to use the dryer, please choose the low temperature drying, temperature not more than 35 ℃, can avoid it too. In a word, read carefully before cleaning the washing instructions about products, decorative accessories products before washing it is important to note that the lace, pendant, etc to get off, to avoid damage. Special note: linen products can't scrub when catharsis, twist, because fiber brittle, easy to fluff, affect the appearance and longevity. Cotton, hemp product collection should pay attention to keep the environment clean, prevent mildew. Light color and brunet products stored apart should pay attention to, to prevent the shadow color, yellow. White silk products can't put camphor ball or put camphorwood box, otherwise will be yellow. In addition to the single-hole fiber pillow, other all can washing, but because of its thickness, make sure fully dry, make it completely dry before does not affect to use again. It is best to use the pillowcase, at ordinary times the bother of washing. The hotel bed sheets should be selected according to the changing seasons. Such as spring and summer can choose pure and fresh, bouncing colour to create a lively atmosphere, winter can choose warm color to move, foil the visual effect of warm.
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