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    Reasonable choice of hotel linen

    by:OLOYA     2020-05-09
    Hotel linen for many people won't be a stranger, hotel cloth grass requires high standard, guangzhou changfeng long hotel supplies co. , LTD. As a hotel guest room cloth grass quality qualified suppliers, simple analysis about the reasonable choice of hotel guest room cloth grass hope the selection and use of help to you. 1. Most of collocation to coordinate hotel can choose white, give a person the feeling of 'clean' in the design and color selection and the grade of the fabric density will be different. Visual will affect people's mood, when choosing a hotel linen, linen color need to be paid attention to and the collocation with the surrounding environment. 2. Fabric environmental protection and durable due to personalized demand more and more become the mainstream, a growing number of hotel rooms linen no longer drab, design and color is also diversified, the requirement of printing and dyeing is relatively high. Manufacturer of printing and dyeing technology in hotel supplies cleaning under the condition of high frequency color need to be able to achieve environmental protection, and don't rub off not string. 3. Padding quality goods period will directly affect the using effect and feel, the more attention to service of the hotel, the hotel cloth grass demand will be high, choose hotel rooms the higher the quality of linen fabrics. Good hotel cloth grass, for customers to build a better environment of sleep, liquor enhance customer satisfaction, bring benefits to the hotel. In the hotel guest room cloth grass purchasing list configuration, guangzhou changfeng long hotel supplies co. , LTD will be reasonable Suggestions in high-grade hotel linen of choose and buy, exchange opinions, the choose and buy belongs to the hotel unique fine linen. Hotel linen and related questions can be online consulting and dial the hotline to contact us at any time!
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