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    Our company has been providing quality products for the majority of hotels for 15 years.

    1.Material selection

    After the customer finds us, we will provide a variety of patterns for the customer to choose. After the customer selects the pattern, we will provide the material selection again (see the image to the right below). This is the most fundamental and even the most critical step in our service.


    After selecting the materials, the customer tells us the size of their hotel bed, the most basic is the type of bed, such as 1.5m bed, 1.8m bed, 2.0m bed, etc.


    After confirming the above information and signing the contract, our company will start to make the product, first of all, cutting the fabric.

    Crop 1

    According to customer requirements, set each piece of fabric to size

    Crop 2

    After cutting, pack and send to the sewing area


    The sewing area is the main area where the product is formed. In this area, we carry out a series of processes to complete the production of the product.

    5.Making core

    The core production area uses the machine to work, puts a sewing plan in the computer, and the machine performs sewing.

    Making core 1

    First determine the size of the core to be made

    Making core 2

    Second, enter the sewing plan in the computer.

    Making core 3

    Finally, the unsewn core is placed on the machine and the machine is sewn.


    In the packing area, we first ironed and burned the product more beautifully. Then boxing, we can see that a transparent plastic bag is placed in our box, in order to prevent the product from being damaged and waterproof after the box is broken. The last is to seal.

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