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    How to just can achieve good washing effect hotel sheets

    by:OLOYA     2020-04-27
    For hotel and the guesthouse, the degree of clean sheets and customer experience has a direct relationship, if the sheets washing effect is not good, could face the customer complaints, and this will affect the hotel and the hotel honor, damage is immeasurable. Sheets at the same time easy to residual stain is one of the more difficult to clean linen in guest rooms, the hotel how to just can achieve good effect washing sheets, and below small make up together and see it. 1, first of all should be classified before washing process, this will make the wash more targeted. ( 1) Classified according to the color of the sheet, can separate the different color cloth processing, processing method of different colors of the cloth grass there is a big different. ( 2) According to the sheet to the degree of dirt, the sheet can be classified into a major scale, medium scale and three types of light scale, this will prevent light pollution scale weighing scale sheet sheet, increase the cost of washing. ( 3) Dirt classification according to the sheet, this kind of classification method is mostly used for bedspread contaminated when some special dirt, and conventional methods in dealing with these special dirt effect is not obvious, needs to take special treatment. If use the same general dirt level processing sheets, the conventional sheet will cause a lot of backwash and waste. ( 4) According to the sheet texture, such as cotton and cotton must be handled separately, the same dirt layer, it takes much longer than pure cotton polyester cotton, and need higher temperature and a greater proportion of laundry products. Therefore, according to the sheet texture classification and processing to improve productivity and cost savings. 2. According to the selected detergent and sheet materials and equipment design of washing process. In programming, to deal with water, wash the fabric and the pollution types and degree of fabric dyeing, washing chemicals, washing machines and water level of the thorough analysis and the corresponding implementation. 4, pay attention to use bleaching technology. Washing steps sheets in the washing process is indispensable. In order to remove the clothes can be bleached stains and good whiteness, it depends on the strong oxidizing bleach. Good bleaching process is one of the key factors for cost control sheet. About the hotel clean sheets to achieve good effect, or select the corresponding solution according to the specific situation for cleaning. Force of guangzhou changfeng hotel supplies company is to provide for the hotel guest room cloth grass, hotel supplies, etc. , winning the trust of many customers, welcome you to come to consultation and cooperation.
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