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    Hotel linen towel of disinfection method

    by:OLOYA     2020-05-13
    The inside of the hotel, hotel cloth grass belongs to the towel of use frequency is taller, so customers will be more to the requirement of the high. Especially in the spring of bacteria is more active, so in order to ensure the health of the customer, the hotel towel disinfection is necessary, the next step is for hotel linen towel in disinfection methods to explain! High pressure steam method: is a linen towel is placed within the pressure cooker heating half an hour or so, so you can kill most of the bacteria and microbe, then clean air. Cooking method: this method is widely used, is to use hot water to the boil for 10 minutes, then wash with soap or soap, dry in ventilated place. Chemical method: select dilution cleaning disinfectant, and then wash the towels soaked in disinfectant, wait for ten minutes before washing drying line. Hotel because people use more and more complex, so the hotel cloth grass, cleaning is important to note that in particular, towels and so on. Through introducing small make up more than a few hotel linen towel in the disinfection method, although can undertake effective sterilization, but after repeated after disinfection and cleaning will make towel is very hard, may also have some peculiar smell, absorbent towels will be worse. This time we only need to wash hot towels, or use salt scrub then boil, wash clean again. Hotel cloth grass clean is very important, changfeng lung guangzhou hotel supplies co. , LTD. The hotel linen washing and management is very specific, is also responsible for the customer, so customers using our company hotel cloth grass, can be at ease use.
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