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    Hotel linen scrap rate high?

    by:OLOYA     2020-05-10
    Hotel linen is very easy to be polluted, to the secondary pollution is common, it is also a lot of problems existing in the hotel. Guest room cloth grass secondary pollution is not only increased the difficulty of grass cloth washing, but also increased the consumption of linen, so worth attention. Today we speak of hotel linen scrap rate is high. Hotel linen secondary pollution is the cause of the high scrap rate are: 1, accidentally stepped on leave hotel linen shoes, whether the guest or the waiter at the hotel have such experience, you will step on grass cloth, which creates a hotel guest room cloth grass secondary pollution. 2, and other local contact will cause pollution, some service personnel at the time of collection hotel linen, often can use hotel linen package, then dragged on the ground directly, the earth seems to be clean, is actually very dirty, can cause the direct pollution of linen, do not rule out some other people in the process of transportation and loading and unloading will be throw disorderly behavior. 3, is wiped directly with hotel cloth grass, for the guest or service personnel, in the cleaning of the time like grass cloth to wipe, it will directly cause the pollution of hotel linen. Not before 4, wash cloth grass is classified and the pollution caused by some hotels classifying linen not clean directly, which can cause cross contamination between the linen. The generation of secondary pollution and there are many reasons, but this kind of phenomenon is normal. Because a lot of people think it's to clean, so dirty again is it doesn't matter, this leads to a hotel room cloth grass scrap rate is very high. Guangzhou changfeng hotel rooms of the hotel supplies company linen quality is very good, warmly welcome friends from all walks of life to choose and buy.
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