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    Hotel bed is how to clean?

    by:OLOYA     2020-04-13
    The quilt is people use every day necessities, hotel quilt filler mainly has four kinds: hollow fiber, cashmere and wool, silk, feather. So how do hotel quilts are cleaning? Today we are going to see, I hope to be of help. Quilt is commonly composed of bedding bag and quilt, white quilt of the hotel as usual cleaning quilt are just wash the quilt cover, bedding bag removed, can wash, and other clothing is the same. Can be put into the washing machine to clean. But one thing to note, quilt cover the four angles of product easily leave some cotton impurities and so on, must be cleared, then quilt cover is best, do the lining. For cotton, after a long time will become hard, yellowing, have peculiar smell, big day in the sun, the bedding bag, can put cotton in the sun exposure, when sun can clap everywhere, shoot a cotton loose, take off some dust. If a position a contaminated quilt, so after dried, can use special local clean detergent, don't use water to bubble, bubble, quilt basically can't use. It is good to use cleaner directly, limited range as small as possible. After cleaning, dry can.
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