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    Hotel bed cleaning method

    by:OLOYA     2020-04-15
    Guangzhou changfeng long hotel supplies co. , LTD. Is a star hotel bedding, hotel bedding in the quilt, hotel one-time products as the leading factor. Guangzhou changfeng hotel supplies co. , LTD. Will introduce hotel bed cleaning method. The quilt is people use daily necessities. Hotel bed there are four main types: hollow fiber, cashmere and wool, silk and feather. Today we begin to understand, hope to be of help. 1. Bedding bag: core thicker, facilitate cleaning. Usually use quilt cover protection. Bedding bag usually can use the hand washing and drying. Will first quilt turn it over and then take off, that is, the quilt, both inside and outside, when it falls off the corner, will come out from the debris of everyday life. 2. Soak: pour boiling water into the barrel, use detergent soak for 5 minutes, then soak in the middle of the quilt. When the water is very hot, it is suggested that, together with other objects. 3. Cleaning: pedal. When to start washing, cannot too much water. Enough. Use rub garment board firmly wiped. Every corner would all fall off, you will step on it with their feet. On the surface of the water: this is a very important part of at least three times, until no air bubbles. Of course, manual or mechanical screw out bucket is better. The quilt is usually composed of quilts and quilt. The hotel's white quilt usually just a quilt. After take out the quilt, can like to wash the other clothes washing. In the washing machine to clean. However, it is important to note that the quilt the four corners of the accumulation impurities, cotton wool, for example, it must be clean and then turn it over to clean. For cotton wool, as it grows, it will harden and become yellow and smell. In the sunny days, you can take off the quilt, the cotton is exposed to the sun. Dry, you can shoot everywhere, and cotton wool is very loose. Remove dust. If the quilt was pollution in a certain position, after drying, can use a special detergent for local clean quilts. Do not soak in water. After soaking can hardly use the quilt. Direct use of cleaner, as small as possible. After cleaning, dry. The above content to bring you the guangzhou changfeng hotel quilt cleaning method of the hotel supplies co. , LTD. Welcome your call!
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