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    Hotel 4 times cleaning bleach matters needing attention

    by:OLOYA     2020-05-16
    4 times hotel is in order to achieve good washing effect in the process of washing, it is necessary to achieve effective coordination, pay attention to the washing time and temperature, according to different materials and pollution degree classifying hotel 4 times, and select suitable detergent, bleach and softener. In the process of washing, bleaching hotel 4 times to pay attention to what matters to you? Bleaching process can improve the cleanliness of the hotel 4 times. In the process of washing, because in the process of washing or long-term washing color mixing, the dirt on the hotel 4 times unable to completely remove or 4 times turn yellow. Therefore, we need to use bleach oxidation bleaching on hotel 4 times. Hotel 4 times of bleaching will also affect the service life of the hotel 4 times, so choose qualified safety dosage of bleach and control, effectively prevent the consumption of the hotel 4 times and cleaning. That is about 4 times hotel cleaning bleach the description of the matters needing attention, to product service life is longer, will first learn how to maintain them.
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