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    Bedding, what material

    by:OLOYA     2020-05-24
    Guangzhou changfeng long hotel supplies co. , LTD is a specialized manufacture hotel bed is tasted, the bedding of a company. Bedding, what's the best fabric. What kind of relationship with the quality of sleep bedding fabrics, if bedding fabrics are of good quality, then will bring comfortable dream life, especially in developing children. Introduce the detailed small make up today for you. Plain cotton fabrics: vertical yarn interwoven into 90 degrees, more than its characteristic mixed points, level off is smooth, the quality of a material is fast, tear strength is good, positive and negative effect is the same appearance, crisscross of craft, plain fabric density can not too high, relatively thin. Permeability is good, but feel is a hard, poor comfort, tabby fabrics with low and high count yarn, yarn is superior feeling better, comfort level is, the better. But high-grade embroidered fabrics are generally use plain fabric. Twill cotton fabrics, warp/weft yarn weaving is an obvious Angle, Angle of 90 degrees interweave, every two intertwined at a time. It is used to add the knot weft organization points, change the diagonal weaves, flight number and at the same time by the two parties. Change by a multitude of twill change organization. Its characteristics: have positive and negative, crossing point, less floating line is longer, feel soft, comfort, softness is good. Compared with the plain, in the density that raise gauze same situation, their feeling and easy moderate is plain, but the tear strength than plain. Twill fabric supplier price is higher than plain fabric. The organization USES its products is thick, stereo sense is strong. It counts have 30 s and 40 s, high-grade fabrics, has ground hair, satin, jacquard, printing, etc. Satin fabric in the detailed classification of the kinds of bedding fabrics, also is a kind of pure cotton sateen fabrics, have some difference with normal cotton fabric, the two are not the same in the form of weaving. Satin drill of weft yarn every three interwoven once, fabric density is high, and after mercerizing singeing process made of cotton. Out on the surface of the yarn hairiness. Its characteristic is: thick, smooth surface, fine and soft, colour and lustre is bright beautiful, has good elasticity, texture closely, is not easy to deformation. Have positive and negative points, crossing point at least, float line length, the fabric surface by almost all of warp or weft float line. Satin fabric full of sheen, reflective effect, similar to the silks and satins, the grade is higher, the cost is high. Grinding in the kinds of wool fabrics, bedding fabrics, this belongs to high-grade combed cotton fabric, the fabric in the process of post-processing, grinding wool processing, make the fabric surface produces a certain sense of velvet, improve the fabric handle. Then what is polishing cloth? MAO also called grinding velvet. Can make the knot warp and produces fluff, and short hairs, dense, smooth suede, feel plump, soft, rich velvet feeling, soft luster without lights. Wool fabrics fluffy thick, grinding heat preservation performance is good, summer can be used as a thin, can't afford to have the ball at the same time, do not fade, but also than the average weight of pure face many heavy fabrics. Bamboo fiber fabric is ingredients of the highest science and technology in the modern textile fabrics. It was based on the natural bamboo as raw material, after boiling hydrolysis extraction. Made of bamboo fiber fabric bedding close skin feels good, soft, smooth, comfortable breathe freely. On bamboo fiber cross section is full of elliptic void, so it has good air permeability, cool, comfortable lying on it. Is a natural fiber, bamboo fiber can produce negative ions and far infrared ray, can promote blood circulation and the new generation of xie Chen. Bamboo grow in the natural environment, not applying chemical fertilizers and pesticides, so it is green environmental protection product. Made of bamboo fiber bedding is cool and not ice, known by consumers as 'breathing ecological products'. Hemp bast fiber fabrics with natural properties, it is incomparable other fiber. Foreign research institute found that hemp besides has unique mechanical and physical properties, also contain special chemicals, which microorganisms and fungi was difficult to survive. Scientists through the determination of electroencephalography (eeg), bed linens are more likely than cotton sheet to let a person to sleep, and have to sleep well deep. For skin test showed that the types of linen bedding no stimulation to the skin, and you can also make the skin temperature drop, reduced muscle tension. Thus, hemp bedding has a unique health, skin care, antibacterial, health care function, and can improve sleep quality. Above is the small make up the details, hope to bring you help. Need to order hotel, hotel bedding, can directly contact the company.
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