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    Bedding, how to match

    by:OLOYA     2020-05-25
    Hotel 4 times is put on the bed, bed bedding that must be used in several items. Mainly includes: two pillowcase, a quilt cover with a sheet material is given priority to with pure cotton, mostly there are silk, fiber, etc. Bed covered 4 times, generally refers to all the bedding in the People's Daily life. Bedding in collocation generally have the following kinds: bed, dai li 4 a fitted sheet and one quilt cover, two short pillowcase, a sheet covered 4 times, a bed sheet and one quilt cover, two short pillowcase, bedspread covered 4 times, a bedspread, a duvet cover, two short pillowcase, bed skirt 4 times 4 times and bedspread, bedspread only convert into bed skirt, and five times more than a long pillowcase. Four common people often say that refers to: two single pillowcase + a + a duvet cover sheet. The frequency of use is relatively high. There will be other suite bedding, like the rest of the six times, seven times to 12 piece is more than a few back cushion, pillow, and a three-piece suit. Six woolly refers to two single pillow case, such as a quilt cover, bed sheets, two pillows, eight piece refers to two single pillowcase, a quilt cover, bed sheets, two pillows, two sugar m small pillow, three-piece refers to a double pillowcase, a quilt cover and a sheet. The above is the small make up to you to collect hotel 4 times and other bedding as a whole.
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