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    A few hotel linen management method

    by:OLOYA     2020-04-10
    Maybe some people listen to the word is very strange, don't know what this means. Hotel linen is refers to the hotel about everything to do with cloth, belongs to the hotel industry jargon. So how to manage and maintain good hotel cloth grass? Linen is the core of the hotel, must also have the positive maintenance, good cloth grass can become has promotion effect to the image of the hotel can also save cost. So for the wine room cloth grass can be classified, and then set up the books, to the detailed registration linen, the specific quantity and value and to make regular inventory. Inventory, every month should pay attention to the inventory to the counting of linen thoroughly, and then find out the differences. Inventory room director and is responsible for the room charge when released grass attendants should be counted together, so I can better. Responsible for docking with the washing factory room service staff every day, every day need to accept to release the handover number of grass to check and confirm. Linen, recycling management should to do, can not store any other items, must be equipped with a door or a curtain, and completes the linen room lighting. Recycling linen must be sorted in recycling barrel, dry wet separation, can't contact with the ground and readjusting. Work and linen recycling models need to clear in time, do not pile too high. In the washing of grass cloth, according to the standard of washing process for washing, choose excellent washing, avoid the harm of linen, avoiding secondary pollution and ironing of linen to change. The key pollution linen should be placed separately and delivered to washing plant personnel in order to better the decontamination processing. Guangzhou changfeng long hotel co. , LTD is mainly engaged in hotel supplies, the company products have a hotel guest room cloth grass, quilt, pillow and hotel bed sheets, etc. We sincerely welcome you to come to consult.
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