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    4 times what fabrics comfortable hotel 4 times of the fabric

    by:OLOYA     2020-06-04
    Many people would think of five-star hotel 4 times is beautiful and comfortable, feel the fabric is too good, is not home, so comfortable for 4 times what fabrics? Five-star hotel 4 times with what fabrics? 1, pure cotton fabrics, the average family can choose pure cotton fabric as 4 times, because soft and soft and comfortable, is generally accepted comfortable fabrics. Its advantage is bibulous absorb sweat, it is important to break, no irritation to skin, pure cotton fabrics occupied the dominant position in the bedding. In the cold winter, the warmth retention property will be more good, in terms of price also is very modest. But the downside is the phenomenon will shrink after often clean. 2, linen fabrics, the advantages of this kind of fabric is easier than cotton sheet more let a person to sleep, and have to sleep well. For skin test showed that the types of linen bedding is no stimulation to the skin, but also can be the temperature drop of skin, muscle tension is reduced, the flax fabric can also has been the growth of bacteria. But its weakness is on hand is rough, so only suitable for local use, at present very few people use it on the sites of junction and human skin. 3, real silk fabrics that should belong to a class of fabric, it has a beautiful appearance, comfortable and high intensity, other elastic and hygroscopicity is better than cotton. But its weakness is easy to dirty, heat resistant to strong sunlight will worse than cotton, if use this kind of bedding fabrics are frequently in the sheets, avoid direct sunlight to strongly sheets, also learn to maintain all kinds of bedding, make their longer service life. Five-star hotel 4 times is generally use pure cotton, and high density, high count high density comfort is brought to the table. Now you should know what is the fabric used in the general hotel, want to order the hotel 4 times can come to guangzhou changfeng hotel supplies company, products strict material selection, selection of combed yarn of green environmental protection, long-staple cotton, through the different craft, novel and unique style, to meet different customer's design style hotel.
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